Chief Oil & Gas to donate $100,000 to Emergency Responders and Salvation Army

Chief is making financial donations to organizations that responded to an incident at a Marshall County gas well.

DALLAS, TX (August 9, 2010) – On June 6 , 2010, emergency response crews, including several volunteer fire departments from Marshall County, West Virginia and Belmont County, Ohio responded to an incident at our Marshall County gas well. In an effort to show appreciation to the local emergency teams that responded to the incident, Chief is reimbursing two fire companies for actual expenses for fuel and water used on site and will make financial donations to other volunteer fire departments and emergency management teams that responded, and to the local Salvation Army that showed up to provide food and drinks for the volunteers.

According to Kristi Gittins, “the incident on June 6, 2010 was a first for Chief. We appreciate the efforts of everyone that responded – those that helped throughout the morning and those that were at the location longer to help monitor the site.”

The list to receive donations:

Salvation Army - $5,000
Limestone Regional Emergency Service - $5,000
Marshall County Sheriff’s Office - $10,000
Marshall County Office of Emergency Management - $5,000
West Virginia Divisions of Highways - $5,000
Limestone VFD - $25,000
Moundsville VFD - $20,000
Cameron VFD - $2,000
Fork Ridge VFD - $2,000
Glen Dale VFD - $2,000
Bethesda Fire Department - $2,000
Spirit of 76 Fire Department - $2,000
Sunset Heights Fire Department - $3,000
Mount Olivet VFD - $2,000
Boggs Run VFD - $3,000
Sherrard VFD - $3,000
Fish Creek VFD - $2,000
Dallas VFD - $2,000


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