"Focus on PA" Broadcast Highlights Tour of Chief Oil & Gas Marcellus Shale Operations

Senators Mary Jo White and Gene Yaw get an up close look at Marcellus Shale operations in Lycoming County.

WILLIAMSPORT, PA (December 8, 2009) - The December edition of Focus on Pennsylvania follows Senator Mary Jo White (R-Venango) and Senator Gene Yaw (R-Lycoming) as they tour Chief Oil & Gas Marcellus Shale natural gas operations in Lycoming County.

The Senators visit one of Chief's new fit-for-purpose drilling rigs as it drills a horizontal well into the Marcellus Shale and speak with company employees about the advanced technology that makes shale development possible. The tour also takes them to a fresh water impoundment used for storing water to be used in fracture stimulation operations, and the Barto Compressor Station and interstate pipeline tap where Chief's gas is pressurized for transportation.

The program covers topics such as the economic benefits and job creation from Marcellus Shale development as well as the environmental precautions and safety measures taken by the industry. Senator White, Chair of the Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee, commented, "It's a tremendous economic and energy security opportunity for Pennsylvania. But it is equally critical that citizens have confidence in the drilling and production process. Visiting Chief's drilling site provided a first-hand look at how this abundant resource is developed, and I encourage all who are interested to take some time to watch this educational video."

Chief Oil & Gas entered the Marcellus Shale field in early 2007, drilling its first well in Lycoming County. Kristi Gittins, Vice President, Public Affairs, summarized Chief's commitment to education and community involvement with this statement, "We realized early how important education and outreach would be to develop the Marcellus Shale. Chief held a town hall meeting and field tour in 2007 when we drilled our first well using a community outreach program that we developed working in the Barnett. Those that attended had many questions and we knew we needed to be open and answer their questions so the community would be comfortable with who we are and how we do business. Since that first meeting and field tour, Chief has hosted, sponsored and made presentations at numerous meetings and events throughout Pennsylvania and taken several thousand landowners, environmental groups, community leaders and legislative, regulatory and municipal officials on field tours of our sites. We were very pleased to work with Focus on Pennsylvania to develop this educational video and hope that it furthers the awareness of how the Marcellus will be developed and increases the comfort level of Pennsylvanians that we can develop this field responsibly."

The broadcast is available athttp://nova.pasenategop.com/focusonPA/2009/focus1209.wmv

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